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Aug 26, 2023

Saints Row: How to Get the Hoverboard

Wondering how to ride through the streets of Santo Ileso Back to the Future

Wondering how to ride through the streets of Santo Ileso Back to the Future style? Here's what you need to know about unlocking the Hoverboard.

The Saints Row reboot may not be as whacky and over-the-top as previous series entries, instead trying to find a balance between the serious and the absurd, but there are a few weapons, vehicles, and items that harken back to the third and fourth games in the franchise. The Hoverboard is one of those items, and while it's not the best vehicle to use when outrunning the law, Marshall, or any of Santo Ileso's gangs, it can be fun to use.

This Saints Row guide will tell you how to get the Hoverboard and how to control it. If you don't know where to look for it, you could beat the game and never come across it.

The first step to getting the Hoverboard is unlocking the Empire Table in the Saints Church HQ. You’ll do so after completing the 10th campaign quest, "Networking."

The next step is increasing your Empire Tier Level to Tier Level 2 and unlocking the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture. You’ll raise your Empire Level automatically after completing the sidequest, "Drawing Heat," which becomes available after placing three Criminal Ventures and completing the 11th campaign mission, "Aggressive Recruiting."

Place the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture for $100,000 anywhere on the map found on the Empire Table, and speak with Chloe Morris, the NPC in the Eurekabator's garage, once you arrive at the location. She’ll give you a quest to visit the field lab in Velasco Bay, Badlands North, which is found just north of Lakeshore North. Use the Bear Lake fast-travel location in Marina West to get there faster.

Once you arrive, you’ll need to test Prototype TRP 62-8S: the Hoverboard. Simply follow the waypoints and complete the objectives during this mission, and you’ll get the Hoverboard as a reward at the end.

You can find the Hoverboard in your Vehicle Garage either at Jim Rob's or Saints HQ under Prototype RTP 62-8S. You can also change its design presets and customize its paint styles. It has no body mods, alternate audio options, or a Signature Ability.

The Hoverboard is a versatile yet unwieldy vehicle. It moves fast and turns quickly, can be used on water or to jump over obstacles, and has a slam attack able to send enemies flying. However, it's also incredibly lightweight, making it prone to bouncing and ragdolling all over the environment, whether struck by another vehicle or an object.

The initial Eurekbator! quest will show you how to control this futuristic prototype, but here are the controls if you need a refresher:

Note the ~half-second delay on the slam animation, which stops all forward motion and attacks whatever is directly beneath you when the button is pressed.

That's everything you need to know about getting the Hoverboard in Saints Row. There's a lot more to building a criminal empire than riding through the streets of Santo Ileso, like Marty McFly. Get more tips right here.

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