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May 30, 2023

How to Make a Homemade ‘Hoverboard’

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As an engineer or curious mind, you probably have the constant urge to tinker around and build things. This simple project could help satisfy your endless need to build, and could quite possibly save a few appliances from being dismantled instead. Navin Khambhala, a YouTube designer who builds all sorts creative projects recently made a how-to video about how to make your own ‘hoverboard’. Despite the name not being accurate whatsoever as to the function of the machine, rather it is a balance board, the project is actually quite feasible and functions rather well.

The ‘hoverboard’ is made up of a few appliances that are incredibly easy to find. The main structure is made out of wood which houses all of the electronic internals. Two electric motors are then directly mounted to the board and are connected to two batteries. Instead of spending a large amount of money buying specific batteries, Navin discovered laptop batteries function exceptionally. Two switches are then used to turn the individual motors on.

Remarkably, the board functions quite well, Navin demonstrates its use and easily travels around on the ground. Of course, some sacrifices had to be made in order to make the project feasible. This includes the automatic switch and self-balancing mechanism that the real product utilizes that allows the board to self-balance. However, Navin overcame this minor issue through the use of extended wheels that give the board greater stability. The board then relies on a set of extended wheels to maintain balance. It is then controlled by using your feet to engage the motors. The end product is arguably better since it would be rather difficult to fall off and injure yourself because of the increased stability.

Internal workings of the board including batteries, motors, and extended wheels [Image Source: Navin Khambhala]

If you attempt this build, please take every precaution to safeguard yourself from injury. Ensure the electric motors are rated similar to the output of the batteries to prevent a fire from occurring.

It may not be the most elegant design and it appears a little precarious, that was not the intent of the project. Navin took an expensive machine and made it possible to build a functional device for under US $100- depending on the type of motor and batteries used. Naturally, of course, the cost is not so important. The device works well, it is incredibly fun and you can build it with your own two hands(!)- that is what matters (despite being a little rough around the edges).

You can see more of Navin's creations on his YouTube channel including how to make a vacuum cleaner to building a homemade speaker.

[Image Source: Navin Khambhala]