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May 30, 2023

10 best hoverboards you can buy in 2022

*If you click on a link in this story, we may earn affiliate revenue. WHILE our

*If you click on a link in this story, we may earn affiliate revenue.

WHILE our hoverboards might not actually hover like Marty McFly's, they still have plenty of fun features that make them perfect for tech lovers.

Also known as self-balancing scooters, the hoverboard became reality in the mid 2010s for kids and adults alike.

These two-wheeled balance platforms have powerful motors, controlled by shifting your body weight.

Often they come packed with extras like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights to entice gadget-obsessed kids (or adults).

When they first appeared on the market there were some technical difficulties including exploding batteries, but new safety standards mean there have been no recalls in the past few years.

There is no federal legislation on hoverboards but check in your local area to see if there are restrictions.

Many schools and colleges across the country banned students from using hoverboards to travel to and from lessons due to the safety risks.

But if you’re looking for a safe but fun hoverboard, here are the best ones on the market right now.

We’re starting strong with this Razor hoverboard which is UL2272 certified, meaning it meets the industry's safety standards.This is suitable for children ages eight and up, so the whole family can join in on the balancing fun.The Hovertrax Prizma can reach speeds of up to 9mph and last for up to 40 continuous minutes on a single charge.As with many hoverboards, this has LED wheel hubs and front-facing light bars so you can travel in style.

This is another UL-compliant hoverboard with a five-year battery promise.On top of the safety precautions, the Swagtron board has LED lights that sync with the Bluetooth speaker on the bottom to give 30 music-synced lighting effects.Swagtron is suitable for children aged eight and up, weighs up to 200lbs, and can reach speeds of 7.5mph.It is also app connected, allowing you to cap the speed in training mode until your child gets used to the hoverboard.

For the big kids out there who want a sleeker look to their self-balancing scooter, the Hover-1 Chrome comes in a stylish gunmetal design and is made from aluminum.Suggested for ages 13 and up, this hoverboard can last for up to two hours on one charge and carry weights of up to 220lbs.While it can only go up to 6.2mph (slower than many other boards) the stylish look is aimed at people looking to cruise rather than race away.It doesn't miss out on the light-up fun either with two LED headlights. This is a grown-up hoverboard for people who don't want to grow up completely.

Younger kids don't have to miss out on the hoverboard fun; this lightweight board is brightly colored and designed for children.The maximum weight load is 88lbs and it can hit speeds of 6mph, although it is not compatible with hover seat attachments.GoTrax Lil Cub comes with LED wheels, headlights, and light-up mudguards, and has 360-degree movement capabilities.This is also cheaper than many of the options available so if you’re looking for a first-time hoverboard on a budget this is an excellent choice.

While you might not need the buggy seat attachment, this one is worth it simply for the LED fog blasters and sound effects.The hoverboard itself is the Ranger Electric model from Hover-1, which has a maximum speed of 15mph and a maximum weight of 220lbs so is suitable for teens and adults.If you don't want the buggy element, the hoverboard itself is currently $149.99, although it is usually priced at $199.99.The Raptor buggy attachment fits most frame lengths and hoverboards with wheels between six and 10-inches – the Ranger Electric has 6.5inch wheels.

The Jetson hoverboard is one of the speedier models on the market, reaching top speeds of 10mph.Designed for fans of the LED look, this has light-up wheels and a light-up deck and is aimed at kids aged 12 and up, with a max weight limit of 220lbs.Riders can link their music up to the board's built-in Bluetooth speaker as they ride around in style for a maximum range of eight miles.The all-terrain 6.3inch tires mean you can ride smoothly over any pavement or grassy area with ease.

Swft's Blaze board is great for young children as it is lightweight and designed for ages five and up, with a max weight of 160lbs.The big 6.5inch tires make this a steadier scooter on all terrains and the front-facing LED lights to illuminate the path.While the range is only up to three miles and it takes around six hours to charge, the maximum speed is 7mph, making it faster than many other cheap hoverboards.It is popular with parents buying self-balancing scooters for young children with generally good reviews — it currently has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Best Buy.

If you’re looking for something challenging and unusual, these gyroshoes are the next development in self-balancing scooter technology for adults and teenagers.For beginners, this can also be changed into a hoverboard to get used to balancing on the boards but if take them apart and you have electric roller skates.These gyroshoes can reach speeds of up to 6mph and have a range of six miles per full charge, which takes two to three hours.The hovershoes don't miss out on LED decorations and have UL certification so are perfectly safe to use, as long as you can keep your balance.

Beginner riders should look no further than the Zoom XP from Rydon as it is aimed at children five years old and up.The maximum speed is just 5mph so learners can take it steady as they cruise on this hoverboard for a range of up to three miles.This is a little limited in terms of weight as it can only hold up to 80lbs, limiting it to children under around 12 years old.That being said, this is only $99 and has fun LED features too so is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for younger children.

A hoverboard is the common name for self-balancing scooters, which are generally electric two-wheeled portable ride-on devices.Hoverboards in fiction are boards that levitate using some form of advanced technology which is not yet commercially available.Generally speaking, hoverboards in reality are boards with two large wheels powered by batteries and operated by the rider shifting their weight.

In 2015, there was an outbreak of ‘fake’ hoverboards which hit the market without passing any safety tests.These have generally been eradicated and hoverboards must now pass safety standards testing.The most common of these is the UL 2272 certification which most sellers will advertise in the specifications of the product.Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) is an American firm whose specialty is the testing of electrical equipment.Specifically, UL certifications assess the standards of internal components and test electrical devices to determine if they can withstand extreme conditions without causing harm to users.The UL 2272 certification, in particular, refers to the "Standard for Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices", and it is the most widely and sought-after certification when it comes to the safety of hoverboards and other E-Mobility Devices.All in all, if a hoverboard is UL 2272-certified, you can be sure it is safe to use, although there are other safety tests the company may adhere to.

Riding a hoverboard is all about balance so make sure you’re wearing a helmet and knee pads before stepping onto the device.Place the board on an even surface and put one foot on the board, using a wall or another person to balance yourself.When your foot is firmly placed, step up with the other foot and try to stand up straight without toppling over.Tilt with your ankles to move forward and backwards, pressing with your toes to turn left or right.Beyond this, it is all about practice.

There is no law that bans hoverboards across the USA.Check your state laws to see if anything specific has been passed, such as banning use on public roads, but overall you should be free to use them wherever.Airlines and airports have a complete ban on the usage of hoverboards and any other motorized or non-motorized scooter device.You may need to wear safety helmets or other safety gear if using the device in public.

It comes down to personal preference, so look at speed, charge time, distance, and reviews.Checking reviews from the public is super important as this may give you insight into how quickly others learned to ride as well as top tips.Generally, ones that have extended warranties, UL certification, and high numbers of legitimate positive reviews are a safe bet.Just choose one which meets your requirements and suits your style and you can't go wrong.

As with all tech devices, hoverboards vary in charge time depending on how big the battery is and how much time it needs to charge.Most boards will take a couple of hours to charge enough for one usage, while some will take up to three hours if totally empty.Slower charging models can take around six hours, but these tends to be cheaper boards which cannot handle powerful chargers.

If you’re looking for a model costing under $100, the best hoverboard is the GoTrax Lil Cub as it has good weight and speed options for children.While it's a cheaper model, it's UL certified so you know it is safe to use and can go up to 6.2mph, a nice speed for younger kids.The model also comes in two bright colors so won't go missing while charging. However, it can take 5 hours to do a full top-up.

For a hoverboard to be officially classified as such, it needs to be self-balancing.However, not all balancing electric scooters are called hoverboards.The self-balancing features can take a little getting used to, but once you’ve mastered them, they’re easy and safe.In our guide you’ll find the best hoverboards around that don't skimp on safety, so you can happily roll around with your peace of mind intact.

Our round-up found boards which can vary from $84 all the way to $250, so there's plenty at each price point.The best hoverboards tend to be at the $180 to $200 mark as these have lots of features, faster charging, and longer distances.Don't think that splashing out will be the best thing though; shop around and find what's best for your or your child's needs.

The best hoverboard on the market is the Hover-1 Ranger Electric, which is included in this list as the Hover-1 buggy package.It has a fast charge, high weight maximum, and can reach speeds of up to 15mph, so it's an all-around impressive hoverboard.If you buy it separately from the buggy attachment it won't break the bank but gives a premium hoverboard without compromising on quality.

Razor Hovertrax Prizma Self Balancing Scooter, $223.99 – buy from Best Buy Swagtron Warrior T580 Hoverboard, $184 – buy from Walmart Hover-1 Chrome Hoverboard, $194.99 – buy from Target GoTrax Lil Cub Kids Hoverboard, $84 – buy from Walmart Hover-1 Ranger Electric Hoverboard with Raptor buggy attachment, $229.98 – buy from Best Buy Jetson Sync All-Terrain Dynamic Sound Hoverboard, $139.99 (save $20) – buy from Target Swft Blaze Hoverboard, $99 (save $50) – buy from Best Buy Gyroshoes Electric Roller Skate Hoverboard, $217 (save $42.99) – buy from Walmart Rydon Zoom XP Hoverboard, $99 – buy from Target