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Sep 01, 2023


Dangerous goods can only be transported by air if they are prepared by qualified

Dangerous goods can only be transported by air if they are prepared by qualified personnel, unless if they are excepted. However, some dangerous goods may be carried in baggage by passengers and crew if the specified requirements can be met.

See which dangerous goods can be transported in an aircraft in this extract of the Dangerous Goods Regulations which sets the standards for the transport of dangerous goods by air.

A lithium battery can be carried by air depending on its configuration and Watt-hour rating (for rechargeable) or lithium content (for non-rechargeable). In addition, spare batteries may not be placed in checked baggage.

Find more information about transporting lithium batteries (pdf)

Balance wheel, air wheel, solo wheel, mini balance board and hoverboard, are considered small lithium battery powered vehicles. Please find instructions and a list of airlines that don't accept these devices in passenger baggage: see the small vehicles powered by lithium batteries - passenger provisions (pdf).

To support operators (airlines) to safely and efficiently accept and transport battery-powered wheelchairs and mobility aids required by passengers with reduced mobility. IATA with our member airlines prepared the battery-powered wheelchair and mobility aid guidance document (pdf).

Download the guidance document to see the requirements that apply to battery-powered mobility aids in accordance with the 64th (2023) edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. The guidance document includes information that passengers should provide to the airline to ensure that on arrival at the airport, their battery-powered mobility aid can be accepted and loaded on the aircraft with the minimum of delay.

More information on infectious substances classification and packaging can be found in the DG Documentation page.

I am really unsure which of my personal belongings may be allowed and which not. I have doubts about my aftershave/hairspray/gas cartridge for a curling iron, etc. I am planning to travel and want to take a number of items powered by lithium batteries, such as a mobile (cell) phone, tablet, laptop, drone or GPS. Is that a problem? I am a sailor/pilot/skier and I want to travel by air with my life vest/parachute/avalanche rescue backpack. Are there any exceptions? For my personal safety I always carry a small can of aerosol self-defense spray (such as mace, pepper spray, etc). Is there any problem? I am a sporting shooter and need to travel to a competition with my weapon and ammunition. Is there anything I have to observe? I have a disability and want to travel with my battery-powered wheelchair. Can I travel by air with that? I have to transport urgent patient specimens but they have to be kept refrigerated. What do I need to do when I want to carry such specimen as a passenger?