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Dec 01, 2023

10 Things We Just Found Out About Energica And Their Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles is one of the fastest growing market segments, and Energica

Electric motorcycles is one of the fastest growing market segments, and Energica lead the way in many respects

The world of electric motorcycles is quickly gaining pace and traction, paving the way for greener and cleaner machines that offer a distinct motorcycling experience, while adding a touch of familiarity from the good old internal combustion days. Almost all motorcycle and car manufacturers are looking into the EV being the current best-sounding answer for sustainable motoring, and are adding pipeline projects and long-term plans to address critical issues that currently exist within the EV segment - such as long range, sustainable manufacturing and market acceptance. There are conflicting opinions out there, that dissect true real-world usability of these machines and say that EV's are not as green as we think, to studies that indicate that EV's are actually the answer that will help save us from further environmental degradation.

While the answer is not terribly clear at the moment, we look at Energica and what they've been up to in the very recent past, and how they are slowly diversifying from motorcycles into segments like flight, four-wheelers and motorsport, along with addressing the issues as described above.

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As per Energica's preliminary data for its turnover and overall business performance for the last fiscal year, the company gained a 67% boost in turnover for its global sales compared to the previous. In the U.S. alone, there was a 100% increase, thanks to expanding their points of sales from just 11 to 25. The total global sales points stand at 135 and continue to expand in 2023. Thanks to the G20 Bali Summit held last year and Energica's demonstration of their police fleet of bikes, they have garnered higher international interest for the same. Another significant contributor is Energica's Green Tourer model that accounts for more than 55% of their overal sales portfolio, with pre-sales orders increasing by 70% globally.

Last year, Energica entered the EVA Ribelle RS in the American Super Hooligan series for 2023, raced by Wisconsin-based Tytlers Cycle Racing and ridden by Colombia's Stefano Mesa. This is in addition to Energica's consecutive racing successes in the MotoE championships held in 2021. The Super Hooligan series kicked off on March 9th at the Daytona International Speedway. The fact that makes the challenge tougher and more exciting for Energica is that they would be competing against traditional ICE counterparts, and the victory would for sure make a louder and bolder statement on Energica's progress in their field.

While this may not exactly be breaking news for some, it may be worth pointing out that Energica has a strong IT and R&D partner to rely on for their technological and developmental needs. Lenovo is no stranger to the motorsport segment, previously teaming up with other Italian manufacturers such as Ducati. Processes such as CAD and simulation necessitate the need for high-performing and reliable hardware that needs to perform and augment the researchers' work at Energica. Lenovo's strong know-how, powerful hardware and organized delivery is exactly what Energica needs to maintain a consistent and steady progress in its ongoing quest for disrupting the two-wheeler market.

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With the introduction of the Experia touring model and Energica's brand-new Green Tourer platform in 2022, Energica is tackling one of the E-motorcycling's greatest challenges - long distance touring. A redesigned PMASynRM motor EMCE (Synchronous Reluctance assisted by permanent magnets) electric motor, updated battery chemistry, and a new frame and chassis design are just a few of the innovations that aim to cut weight and greatly enhance balance and rideability. The Energica Experia is an electric touring bike that was created specifically for that use from the ground up as a result. It boasts a significant combined range of 421 miles, and also receives level 3 DC fast charging paired with the highest battery capacity currently, with fast charging times of 80% in 40 minutes.

After concentrating on all things electric for more than ten years, the technological team at Energica was able to establish a brand-new, environmentally friendly division inside the Italian Motor Valley, calling it the Electric Valley. This represents a big step in the company's direction towards sustainable, long-range mobility; along with the company's intention to form long-lasting collaborations with other Italian manufacturers such as Reinova and Dell'Orto.

Focusing on the ULM aircraft segment meant for training and recreational purposes, Energica is currently working on multiple projects spread across the globe to better integrate its powertrain and tech into this space. Starting with French aircraft and tech consultant Phoenix AirCorp, the idea was to combine Energica's powertrain to a propeller to run initial tests on performance and reliability. In the same wake, the company also partnered with a California-based engineering team led by Gabriel de Vault (Who is a seasoned pilot and engineer) to integrate Energica's motor and battery with its Sonex airframe. The third ongoing project is in relation to the Nordic company's Pure Flight NIX airplane, that is looking to best optimize the flight time and range in partnership with Energica.

With its strong traction and growing presence in the E-motorcycling market globally, Energica has anticipated much stronger demand for FY 2022-2023, and is meeting this challenge by significantly expanding their headquarters, R&D and production units based in Modena, IT. The third phase of their expansion has to do with setting up a 1150 sq. meter facility dedicated to Energica Inside, for R&D and prototype testing purposes.

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DC fast charging with CCS (Combined Charging System), is the latest innovation by electric motorcycle and scooter manufacturers to help consumers better adopt electric vehicles. Introduced in 2020 with Energica's Ego, allowing for charging up to 80% in just 40 minutes. The CCS feature allows for charging across different plug points and thereby granting better compatibility and charging opportunities while out on the road.

LifeLive is a Belgian based racing team founded in 2016, headed by veteran racer brothers and engineers Yannick and Thierry Neuville, that aim to establish themselves in the field of motorsport. They teamed up with Energica in the last year in the cross-car buggy racing series, utilizing Energica's powertrain for racing use, with successful outcomes. As per the CEO Yannick, "We are excited to collaborate with Energica Inside. LifeLive is at the forefront of innovation in our industry, and we know the electric transition is a priority step for us. We are confident that the partnership with Energica Inside will be a win-win one."

Launched in 2022, Energica Inside represents the company's business unit that intends to expand its expertise and experience gained in the EV motorcycle space towards varied sectors such as flight, marine and racing. It also functions as a consulting powerhouse to companies that need technical expertise in this highly specialized and valued knowledge base. Ideanomics, a group focusing on EV adoption and acceptance across various segments, has acquired Energica to further boost its footprint in the electric space. These new additions and partnerships will surely help bolster Energica's foray and future company sustainability to bring out better, newer and more exciting products and offer better value not just to consumers, but also to the electric auto industry.

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