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Nov 26, 2023

Kymco CV3 Three

Kymco CV-3 Credit: Kymco Three-wheelers haven’t exactly taken the world by

Kymco CV-3 Credit: Kymco

Three-wheelers haven't exactly taken the world by storm, at least not yet. The Yamaha Niken, the only real effort by a mainstream motorcycle company to do a full-sized three-wheeler, was discontinued in North America, although it continues with an updated version in Europe. Can-Am's trikes, like the Spyder and Ryker, have sold fairly well, with the company projecting growth, especially with new and female riders. If anything, it is in the smaller bike and scooter market, predominantly in Asia, where the three-wheeler has gained the most ground. Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Kymco hopes to put more three-wheelers on the market with their first, the CV3 scooter, which sports two front wheels, a 550cc engine, a host of electronic features, and a modern aesthetic to go with its novel layout.

Kymco CV-3 Photo: Kymco

Like the Niken, Piaggio MP3, and a host of others, the Kymco CV3 is a leaning three-wheeler, utilizing what Kymco calls the KALS system (KYMCO Advanced Leaning Suspension), which includes a pair of upside-down fork legs per wheel. Kymco claims a maximum lean angle of 40 degrees. The front end also features an electronic anti-leaning and standing assist system that prevents the bike from falling over at a standstill. Piaggio's MP3 has a similar feature that is locked manually by the rider using a switch on the handlebar. Yamaha's Niken has no such system, so it requires the rider to put a foot down, or the use of a sidestand, to stay upright, which is a common gripe against the Niken.

Kymco CV-3 Photot: Kymco

Other than an extra wheel, the CV3 also arrives with a host of features for comfort, convenience, and safety. A keyless one-touch start, cruise control, heated grips, ABS brakes, an LED 6-inch TFT display, and two drive modes make the CV3 more than just basic transportation.

The engine is a 550cc inline twin, fuel injected and liquid cooled, putting out a claimed 38 kW (51 HP) at 7500 rpm and 52 Nm at 6000 rpm, with electric start, and coupled to a CVT transmission.

The Kymco CV3 is priced at £11,999 in the UK, and only requires a standard UK driver's license issued before 2013. For more information, visit or your local Kymco dealer.