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Dec 06, 2023

This Electric Scooter Has An Ingenious, Self

Artificial intelligence allows this scooter to balance itself Electric

Artificial intelligence allows this scooter to balance itself

Electric two-wheeler companies are constantly pushing the flag pole in terms of technology to stand out in the growing market. And this time, it's an Indian start-up called Liger Mobility which has created the world's first auto-balancing electric scooter. The technology does precisely as it sounds, allowing the scooter to stay upright without any rider input (or side stand), whether at a signal or while making a quick stop.

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Dubbed the Liger X, the e-scooter has a lot of technology, the protagonist being the AutoBalancing processor. It boasts AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to constantly shift the scooter's center of gravity, hence maintaining balance. Further, it collects 9,000 data points per second via multiple sensors and uses gyroscopic principles once AutoBalancing is activated. The AutoBalancing stays in action till 5-7kmph, though, since Liger believes any two-wheeler can automatically stay upright post that – with no external forces, of course.

The AutoBalancing tech has huge potential, especially for newer riders for which the Liger X is aimed. Maintaining balance is the hardest part when learning to ride, and Liger X solves that problem. So it's safe to say the e-scooter could very well become a go-to for newbies and even find bulk orders in riding schools. Oh, and even if you are an experienced rider, we’re pretty sure you won't mind staying upright with no input. However, you will have to set it on the side stand when it's parked.

Besides its USP, the Liger X electric scooter boasts a claimed range of 60km (37 miles), besides its 40mph top speed. Since the range is adequate at best, the batteries are removable for easier recharging. Concurrently, Liger also plans to introduce a higher-spec X Plus electric scooter with a 100km (62-mile) range, albeit without the removable batteries.

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As for features, the Liger X boasts an LCD instrument cluster replete with smartphone connectivity (4G and GPS) and ride modes. The latter comprises Eco and Sport modes, alongside an auto-balancing reverse and Learn2Ride mode, both catered towards new riders. Meanwhile, the Liger X Plus will feature a 5-inch TFT with turn-by-turn navigation and smartphone notifications.

Even with all this, the Liger X electric scooter has an indicative price tag of just 90,000 INR ($1,105), which is quite affordable by Indian and American standards. However, it is ‘indicative’, so we will have to wait for the final product scheduled to go on sale by mid-2023. Also, since Liger is a start-up, we don't think it has plans to hit global markets (like America) anytime soon unless someone lends it a helping hand.

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