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Jun 03, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom

With abilities like Ultra Hand and Fuse, Tears of the Kingdom prides itself on

With abilities like Ultra Hand and Fuse, Tears of the Kingdom prides itself on creativity. Link's ability to traverse Hyrule has been altered more than ever before to suit the player's choices! Jet planes and boats to jet-powered bunker busters. The Ultra Hand ability Link has been given and grants an arsenal that can conserve your melee and ranged weapons! With such a valuable asset at the player's disposal; Hyrule can be mastered in all new and powerful ways!

No matter if you’re trying to traverse the battlefield quickly and efficiently; or creating bridges and stairs to scale your environments. Link can become not only a master engineer, and builder; but also a deadly siege master! Crafting temporary weapons, or fortifications, Link can easily change the scale of the battle through his Ultra-Hand ability. Exploitation is especially simple in Tears of the Kingdom due to the powers they’ve invested in you. All this power leaves the player to wonder if this was the intention of Nintendo themselves! No matter how you enjoy playing Tears of the Kingdom, from stealth to aggressive; the use of Ultrahand will change the scope of how Link succeeds!

Though Ultra-Hand can be one of the most used abilities available to Link in Tears of the Kingdom, it can easily be a pain in the rear to use properly. Due to the limited rotation method of the object itself, sometimes if you want it on a flat plane. Sometimes it's easier to just drop objects on the ground and grab it again to accomplish flat surfaces. Ultra-Hand at its root is most effective in the making of long or wide structures like bridges or walls. Otherwise, it can be used to generally grab things and move them. Ultra Hand's telekinetic nature makes it easier for Link to acquire certain items or chests!

Ultra-Hand in its most simple applications can be used to lift and move objects; or create rudimentary structures. In its first use, Link has access to Ultrahand's telekinetic properties to life and move heavy objects blocking his path. In this sense, Ultra hand becomes useful for traversing around caves, ruins, and other obstacles around Hyrule. Moving these objects passively allows players to move around to hidden secret areas, stack up boxes to create stairs; or even create rafts that can move across the water. Typically these telekinetic properties are similar to magnetism, from Breath of the Wild. In many ways, this ability can be used as such, however, has many more useful properties due to its sticking functionality!

The second basic function of Ultrahand is its unique ability to craft basic structures like walls; rafts, or bridges. These structures last for a limited period, however, can be made of absolutely any objects you can pick up using the Ultra-Hand ability. These structures make getting to secret areas, or difficult locations especially easy. A well-placed bridge, set of stairs, wall, or raft can make Link's traversal through Hyrule incredibly simple! Using fans, rockets, and flame emitters; Link can create simple gliders, or boats that move with great efficiency!

Ultra Hand's more intricate uses come in the way of complex vehicles, and using objects as weapons that you’ve either created or dropped on enemies. Primarily, the first complex function of vehicle construction could see you building anything from jet planes to rocket-powered explosive walls. These forms of high-volume construction can change the tide of a battle, making Link more of a combat engineer than anything else. These vehicles make traversing Hyrule quicker, and more effective as the use of simple batteries and cores changes the amount of time you have with these structures.

The use of complex creations in the form of weapons ad droppable bombs makes for a great way to start any challenging conflict. Saving explosive barrels and rockets; fans and mining carts; as well as any other variety of fast-moving death via your ingenuity. These contraptions will often be one-off, like a log with an explosive barrel on one end, and a rocket on the other. Whilst others like a hoverboard can serve Link again and again so long as you keep rebuilding them! These advanced constructions are more worthwhile, often requiring some of the bagged items you can acquire along Link's adventures.

While Link roams around Hyrule with the use of a horse and paraglider; making him every bit as fun as he was in the traditional game, Breath of the Wild. His abilities grant him the unique chance to invent some rather interesting contraptions! These contraptions and devices can require a level of deep thought and patience at times; as engineering is a series of trial and error. For the most part, if a player has an idea; they should go about trying to accomplish it. Testing different ideas and designs can be beneficial. The worst that could happen is they fail, and you try something different.

Sky elevator you can make using fans, a sail, wooden boards; and the powerful Ultra-hand ability!

Tears of the Kingdom offers the player a vastly open world for them to explore from the dynamic perspectives of land and the sky. For this reason, flying, and more specifically unique means of air travel prove to be more important to the general user than anything else. Vast swathes of distance can be tracked with simple gliders and airplanes that come from the Ultrahand ability. The convenience alone makes it one of the most essential means of getting back and forth besides fast traveling or horse!

Gliders are by far one of the easiest methods of travel available to Link. Gliders are simple, as all they require is a Wing item, some fans, and potentially a battery to give it more stamina. These devices work well on ramps and cliff sides; allowing Link to travel across easy distances, maneuvering it by moving across the wing's surface in the direction they wish to steer and turn. These devices are quick and steady, however, require some practice when steering. It's recommended to only jump off if you’ve acquired the paraglider or are above a body of water!

Activating these gliders works by whacking the means of propulsion, in this case, the fan to allow it to move. From there, the stamina is dependent on if it has a battery, or core charges added to it. Batteries and Cores can allow Link to travel on these Gliders for a much longer distance. This makes great use of the Ultra Hand's crafting duration, making it ideal to use if they are available. These gliders shave precious time off the completion end goal! These devices will recharge over time. Gliders can be improved upon by adding a cooking pot for balance or flame emitters to give it a little extra force as it travels.

Jet Gliders can be made with batteries, fans, a fire emitter, wings; and the Ultra-Hand ability!

Jets and airplanes produced in Tears of the Kingdom are especially potent due to the fact they are generally quicker at the cost of having less stamina. For getting away from an obstacle, or getting to a location in an extremely quick period. These rocket-powered wings are logistically terrifying in the world of Hyrule. What defines a Jet or Airplane as different from traditional Gliders is the fact these are generally one-time use due to the rocket's limited shelf life. These devices in exchange, have far more potential than simply being a means of aerial transportation.

From being a speed boat to potentially being a guided drone strike. Wings once armed with a rocket are more than enough to take out a small horde of enemies. Alternatively; these rockets can be placed vertically providing Link with a form of Sky Elevator for him to get the optimal use of his paraglider. In circumstances of needing to get over a large mountain, these elevators can turn a hard traversal into an easy affair. Finally; these jets are especially potent for moving building materials you wish to use later across large spaces. If you don't wish to carry them, you have the option of strapping them to these rocket-powered wings. Simply send the rocket off in the direction you’re looking for and keep traveling that way!

Using the Ultra Hand ability to put logs together can create rudimentary rafts; there will be obvious ways to improve it. For starters; Link can turn these logs into a landing raft or armored vessel using metal or wooden objects. Powering boats with fans or rockets allows them to move vastly quicker than sails; as well as allows these rafts to move onto the coast itself. Most importantly; for longer voyages; or attempts at exploration with boats; you can affix weapons and explosives to the boats to make them into attack vessels.

Speed Boats that can be made with logs, fans, and the Ultra-Hand Ability!

The creation of bridges also allows Link to cross complicated obstacles like whirlpools, or rushing waters. Providing side walls on either side can allow Link to move through these bridges safely if under attack. These Bridges may be temporary, but due to their floating nature can be adjusted to make long rafts that travel down waterfalls. Along with this, these bridges plug gaps like a dam; stopping items, NPCs, and enemies from passing through it. Bridges can be constructed of nearly anything so long as they stretch across the entire length of the waterway. With plenty of available trees to cut down; simple logs can make a traveling beam!

Unless you’re using rocket-powered mine carts, land travel has some of the least effective means except in a few cases. It's possible to use a hoverboard that's more usable; or a temporary rocket-powered ram. Hoverboards are made up of two fans and a flame emitter attached to one end. The hoverboard will rise when Link strikes the flame emitter, and propel forward. You can make deadly missiles with an explosive device.

Rocket-powered rams are a much more potent weapon in conflict as they consist of several wooden boards slanted into an angular ram that Link can ride on. These Rams can have a board placed in front and the back that provides added protection during the ram's travel. Placing rockets on its back will be the main propulsion method. When sent forward these rams act as a very vicious means of hurling your opponents forward for a lot of damage. Rams angled up rocks or slopes to be used for temporary transportation from one location to another. Filling these rams with explosives and other elemental means can turn them into an even more potent weapon. However, they are not a traversal tool.

The Ultra Hand ability

With Ultrahand, missiles are the easiest weapons to construct. You can make these with logs, rocket thrusters, and explosive barrels. Tears of the Kingdom's explosives are incredibly powerful, and you can even add more barrels or flammable materials. The missiles can be angled at enemies or sent off with a fan attached at the bottom that turns them into torpedoes. Simple logs and explosive barrels can be turned into weapons of mass destruction with Link's Ultra-Hand!

Walls and temporary shelters constructed quickly and efficiently from simple wooden planks or crates are excellent defensive buildings. These shelters and walls can protect Link from damage so long as they aren't burned. These fortifications can provide Link with cover and change the battlefield. The Ultra hand makes it easy to make sniper posts and gliding points. These fortifications, though temporary, are invaluable to Link as he travels through Hyrule. Much more though, you can create basic and complex structures from your imagination in any way you need!

Common components used in Ultra-Hand crafting

Tears of the Kingdom and the Legend of Zelda series as a whole benefit from Ultra-Hand. The player can use their creativity to dominate the landscape and their enemies. Magnetism has taken positive notes from its past use in role-playing games. Bringing one of the most unique Nintendo Switch experiences back to consumers. In this amazing experience, your ingenuity will rocket you to Finding Zelda!

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