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Aug 02, 2023

Best Hoverboard 2023 ~ Top

Written by: Our posts contain affiliate links. Sometimes, not always, we may

Written by:

Our posts contain affiliate links. Sometimes, not always, we may make $$ when you make a purchase through these links. No Ads. Ever. Learn More

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The best hoverboards are fun, easy to use, and durable. Unfortunately, not all hoverboards are made equal, and there are way too many options on the market, including knock-off brands that are cheaply built. To help you find the best hoverboard, we bought and tested over 30 different models before narrowing our list down to the top 7 options.

Based on our research below, here is the top 7 list of hoverboards for 2023:

During our research and testing, we focused on features like top speed, motor power, and battery life.

With these features in mind, we found that the Tomoloo Hoverboard with LED Lights is the best hoverboard you buy today. With its extended battery life, quick speed, and easy-to-learn functionality, this is the best board for adults and kids alike. Keep reading to learn more about the Tomoloo and our other top hoverboard picks.

Read Full Review: Tomoloo Hoverboard Review

The Tomoloo hoverboard with LED lights offers the longest battery life of all the options on our list, coming in at a total of 4 hours of running time. With such extensive battery life, you can enjoy this smart self-balancing hoverboard without worry. Of course, when you inevitably run out of battery, you’ll only need to wait an hour before achieving a 100% full charge once it's plugged in, one of the shortest charging times on our list.

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This Tomoloo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker hoverboard also includes a wide variety of additional features, like colorful LED flashing lights and Bluetooth functionality that allows you to play music directly from your phone. You can control these features through the Tomoloo app, which doesn't work perfectly 100% of the time but still does its job. Tomoloo also gives you a 1-year limited warranty to cover any manufacturer defects, which is a nice addition. You should also read the best scooter for kids list.

Read Full Review: XPRIT Hoverboard Review

The XPRIT hoverboard with Bluetooth is consistently priced low, making it the option with the best value when compared to the other hoverboards on our list. Even with the low price, the XPRIT doesn't sacrifice too many features in order to save you some money. It still provides a relatively quick speed at 7 MPH and plenty of "fun" features for kids, like colorful lights on the wheels and an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Unfortunately, the XPRIT is the worst on the list when it comes to battery life, measuring in at only 1.25 hours. However, this short battery life is to be expected at such a low price. Unfortunately, when you opt for a budget model, the run time is bound to let you down. However, this disappointing feature is offset by the variety of colors and designs the XPRIT offers, each of which offers impressive anti-slip footpads and durable construction. It is the best hoverboard for kids.

Read Full Review: Tomoloo Self-Balancing Hoverboard

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Tomoloo two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard offers some of the most unique features on the list, with LED lights that flash in time with the music and excellent self-balancing functionality that keeps you balanced. It also features a heat-resistant and fire-retardant design for increased durability and an extended lifespan. It is the easiest to r with the best features.

A self-balancing scooter like this Tomoloo contains advanced motherboards and components to increase overall stability and balance, making it extra easy to use. While all the hoverboards on our list feature some kind of balancing capacity, they don't perform as well as this product. You’ll also get a bit more heat and fire resistance than many other hoverboards. While all the boards on our list are safe, this added protection can help you feel safer if you’re still worried about random overheating and catching fire.

You also get LED lights that blink in time with the music playing through the integrated Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, you can't turn off the LED lights even to save batteries, so be aware of your battery life while using it. However, like the top pick on our list, this Tomoloo features an impressive 4-hour battery life, a short charge time, and a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. You can also take care of any manufacturer problems with Tomoloo's included 1-year warranty. Compare it to any 50cc scooter and see which is best for you or your kid. Alternatively, if you know your teenager would prefer an electric skateboard over a scooter, check out our review of the Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard.

Read Full Review: Gyroor Hoverboard

If you’re looking for a hoverboard that is sturdier than most others and built for all-terrain use, look no further than the Gyroor Warrior. With massive 8.5-inch wheels and self-balancing capability, this hoverboard can take a punch better than any other board on our list. It's also the fastest on our list (and one of the fastest hoverboards on the market), with a maximum speed limit of almost 10 miles per hour. Granted, that's not super fast, but it's a decent speed limit that isn't too slow or too powerful.

Gyroor claims that its design is inspired by Formula 1 racing cars. While these features are certainly impressive, you’ll want to know that they come at a price. This hoverboard is the most expensive on our list, with prices well above $200 at the time of our review. Of course, this price is well worth it to get the all-terrain functionality, solid shock absorbers, and overall durability that the product offers. And with a 1-year warranty to protect you from defects, your purchase is protected well enough. You may also like the best electric scooter list.

Read Full Review: Swagboard Twist T881

The Swagboard Twist T881 is perhaps the most unique board on our list due to its lead-acid battery pack in place of a lithium-ion battery. If you aren't aware, early hoverboards were plagued with battery fires and explosions. The lead-acid battery doesn't have the same problems as the lithium batteries. If you’re worried about battery problems, you’d do well with this hoverboard. Unfortunately, if you run into any defects with this unique design, you only have 90 days to request a warranty replacement, the shortest warranty on our list. However, up until this point, you can always call customer support, who will be happy to help with any issues.

However, there are some downsides to a lead-acid battery. Mainly, it's much heavier than lithium-ion, making this hoverboard heavier than most of the options on our list at 23 pounds. The board itself is designed simply, without any of the LED lights or Bluetooth speakers you can find on other options. It also features a top speed of 7 miles per hour, which is impressively fast considering its otherwise simple design. Or are you after the best kids motorized electric scooter?

Read Full Review: Segway Minipro Review

It is UL 2272 compliant, with a lithium-ion battery, and features IP54 certification so that it is resistant to water. The unit is lightweight, and the large 10.5 tires deliver a smooth and satisfying rider experience, which also means that it absorbs shocks nicely. The steering column, which extends from the center of the Segway miniPRO, is cushioned with a pair of knee pads. The customizable LED lights keep you visible and safe at night.

The Segway Minipro Self-Balancing Personal Transport has a maximum speed of 10 MPH and a range of 14 miles. The powerful 800-watt electric motors round it all out. It also features 3 riding modes and a mobile app that provides tutorials, an anti-theft feature, and also acts as a remote control. This is a solid hoverboard, especially for the inexperienced. To steer, you gently lean one knee or the other into the steering column. It doesn't have the power of the best gas-powered scooters, but hey, this is a hoverboard.

This Swagtron Swagboard Warrior XL model has 3 modes and travels up to 8 miles per charge, with a maximum weight load (aka carrying capacity) of 220 lbs. 8″ hard rubber tires give you a smooth ride. Your charging time will be 90-100 minutes. A single/full charge will yield a maximum range of 8 miles. It also comes with an app that is compatible with both iPhone and Android. There is a reason that this model sells. The Swagtron Swagboard Warrior XL is a great middle-of-the-road model that delivers the features that most users want at a great price point. It is a whole different from the best folding mobility scooter. Or even the best electric unicycle.

Finding the best hoverboard can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never used one before and all you’ve heard about them is how they like to explode during use. This is where we come in to help you. During our extensive research and testing of a large number of boards, we only included hoverboards that are safe to use.

Each product on our list has been UL-2272 certified for safety standards. You should never buy non-certified hoverboards. If safety is your top priority (as it should be), make sure you only consider certified options that follow the appropriate regulations. We didn't include any boards that went slower than 7 miles per hour, although plenty of those are available if you need something a little slower when you first start learning. Finally, we only considered hoverboards that were durable enough to handle getting bumped and scuffed every so often. It's inevitable that you’ll run into something with your hoverboard, but that doesn't mean you should worry about a tiny crash destroying your new toy. If you want another way of electric travel, take a look at one of the best Segways too.

Some of the tops questions about Hoverboards answered

Does a warranty come with a Hoverboard purchase?

It's a great idea to buy a hoverboard that includes a warranty, 1 year or longer. Just in case you get a defective part, a bad battery, or it just plain stops working. A warranty is a great idea, and it protects your investment. All of our top picks come with at least a 1-year warranty. Another feature to look out for is customer support. Look for models that offer a 24-hour response time and free lifetime technical support. Models offering a one-year warranty are great, but if you can't get a hold of anyone and their email response time is several weeks, then you might as well look elsewhere.

Are Bluetooth speakers and apps important to you?

Many hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers or a built-in Bluetooth speaker with stereo surround sound so that you can easily listen to your music while on the go. Is this a feature that you want? If not, you can save some money by avoiding models with extras like these. Chances are you’ll enjoy surround sound better in the comfort of your home cinema system, not out and about. The same goes for models that include apps for your smartphone. These apps can add some really nice features, like surround sound, music control, remote control, and much more, but if you are not interested, look for models without these features to save money.

How much does a Hoverboard cost?

The question on top of everyone's mind is this: just how much do hoverboards cost? Generally, hoverboards can cost between $100 to as much as $700 for a top rated hoverboard. In our research, we found that you can skip both the $100 price point as well as the $700 price point. The sweet spot for hoverboards with quality features is in the $200 to $600 price point range. The price of your hoverboard purchase will depend on what features you are looking for. More feature-heavy and high-end specs will cost you more. Although, if you opt for cheap hoverboards, don't expect them to have a powerful motor or larger wheels, as these elements are costly.

How do you ride a Hoverboard?

First off, hoverboards do not really hover. At least not in 2020. But they are still fun, and you might be wondering how you actually ride one. We can help with that too. First, step onto the device with one foot Next, step on with the other foot and position your feet as far apart as comfortable. This will give you the best stance to control your hoverboard. Stand normally. To get going, lean forward or gently shift your weight forward. Only make small shifts in your weight. To turn, just lean the appropriate foot forward. Those are the basics, and it really is that easy. Whether it is a Segway, a self-balancing scooter, or a hoverboard, they all operate the same.

What is a gyroscope on a hoverboard?

By standard definition, a gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disk. On this wheel, the rotation axis can freely move in any direction or orientation. While any movement is occurring, the axis of rotation will remain unaffected regardless of whether the whole apparatus is moved or tilted.

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